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DvZ - New hats and Game Master Mode

Wolf Hunter, Goggles, Dragon Warrior, and Dragon's Breath hats are now available to pimp your Jimmy.

We also just launched a new Game master mode that lets you start up a DvZ game with some custom features that you can decide. You select the map, plague event, and have the option to enable special features that can spice up a DvZ game. (BETA: Please be warned we are still working on this feature! Please only purchase this if you understand that things may go wrong!)

Head over to our DvZ buycraft page for all the details.

    Buffalo Wizard Projects

    Lords of Minecraft is a roleplay oriented server centered on the interactions of the Lords (Buffalo Wizards) and you, the fans. If you’re interested in hanging out in a medieval Camelot setting, making new friends, and perhaps even meeting some of the Buffalo Wizards, then head on over to Lords of Minecraft!

    Dwarves vs Zombies is a pvp based castle defense game, where dwarves work together to fix the broken walls of their fort, only to eventually succumb to the never-ending onslaught of the undead. While everybody begins as a dwarf, each one that perishes rises again as a member of the undead. The dwarves must hold out as long as possible, aided by a few capable heroes, and protect their shrine to the last.

    Unforgotten Realms Live is a live show based around tabletop roleplay. Each show is it's own adventure with new characters and stories in a world slowly being built up from impromptu roleplay. The game is built from the ground up so that fans can watch it change and evolve each week as it adds new races, classes, monsters and lore all for the sake of putting on a fun show.

    If you’re interested in supporting the Buffalo Wizards, you can purchase items such as reserved slots in DvZ or hats in LoM.