In order to rent a plot on the server, you have to get some gold! You can use gold to pay your rent, buy blocks and tools, and trade with other players. There are three levels of gold in the game: gold coins, gold bars, and gold diamonds. A gold bar is worth 64 gold coins, and a gold diamond is worth 64 gold bars. You can change between these denominations in the bank at the market.

Weekly Allowance

Each week, you will earn 100 gold just for logging in! Please feel free to thank the lords for their generosity.


You can perform work in the server to earn your gold as well. Working requires stamina, which you can see on your experience bar. You start with 100 stamina, which does not regenerate on its own. Instead, every day you can log in and receive a stamina potion, which gives you 25 stamina when you drink it. Performing actions like mining, fishing, and farming will use up your stamina.


  1. Buy a pick from the market
  2. Go to the dwarven mountain (use the dwarven district portal) [684,-115]
  3. Right-click on the granite blocks with your pick
  4. Sell your granite chunks at the market


  1. Buy a fishing rod from the market
  2. Fish
  3. Sell your fish at the market (only the legal ones!)


  1. Buy a shovel from the market
  2. Go to the Sand Factory [-454,-356]
  3. Right-click on the sand blocks with your shovel
  4. If the sand runs out, press the wooden button to excavate more


  1. Take your empty glass bottles to the Recycling Plant [591,739]
  2. Sell your bottles upsairs
  3. Smash the glass using the machine downstairs


  1. Buy a hoe, a watering can, some seeds, and possibly some grass/dirt from the market
  2. Go to your plot
  3. Make a farm with your grass/dirt and your hoe (your farm must be outside)
  4. Plant your seeds
  5. Water your crops with your watering can (right-click) (you can only do this during the day)
  6. Harvest crops by punching them
  7. Sell your wheat at the market