Price: 1 gold diamond

Where to Get: Customer Service in the Lord's Mall

Mall Contracts

Ain't Easy Contract
  • Chocolate Chesse: Spawns soul-sand behind the player Item Effect
  • Canned Natural Cheddar: Transform you into a sapling Item Effect
  • Mozza Familiar: Spawns a rabbit for a short time Item Effect

Spydarino Contract
  • Loaf of Prince: Nausea effect, hearts above head, Music. Item
  • Spicy Carrot: Hearts above the head and night vision Item
  • Bottle of Prince tears: A LOT of hearts above head for a few minutes Item
  • Chicken Princestick: Poison IV, Water Breathing, Hunger III, Nausea II Item
  • Spaghetti and Prince Balls: Opens the enderchest Item

McDankys Contract
  • McDanky Fries Crate (40), McDanky Burger Crate (120), McDanky Jangle Juice Crate (40)
  • Danky Burger: Praise danky title text, Donkey Kong music and jump spam
  • McDanky Fries: FOV spam (slowness/speed), Praise danky Title text, Absorption, Night Vision, Nausea
  • Danky Jangle Juice: Poison

Vineyard Soups Contract
  • Justin's Totally Not swammie soup: Night Vision II, Slowness, Nausea, Swammie soud effect(slowed down)
  • FireBlast Soup: Fire particles above head
  • The Vineyard Purge: "You cleanse yourself of negative effects and emotions" and relaxing music

Sweet Eats Contract
  • Dreamy Cheesecake: smoke particles under the feet
  • Candy Apple: Angry Villager particle spam and noise, can't move the cursor or walk
  • Ice cream Sandwitchs: Spawn a witch
  • Extra Butter Popcorn: makes you fly(iron pressure plate) regen, absorption hearts and a few particles
  • Strawberry Birthday Cake: Turns you into a cake

Porkys Contract
  • Porky's Famous Bacon: Turns you into a pig
  • Porky Bun: Grants fire damage
  • Porky's BLT: Fire Resistance and a few fire particles

Tuna Bandit Contract
  • Fresh Tuna: Jails you
  • Sushi: Teleport you to where the last person that ate it was
  • Salty Drank: Teleports you very high (teleported back because of leaving the city)

Team Phijkchu Contract
  • Cute Pizza: Music
  • Cool Pizza: Music
  • Beauty Pizza: Music
  • Tough Pizza: Voices and sound
  • Clever Pizza: Music
  • Red Gem: Not consummable, collects the gem and displays the ammount you have. Stackable

Willy Brewer Co. Contract
  • Super Moon Shine: Blindness 10
  • Wiggly Whisky: Nausea (5:00)
  • Bruce Juice: Invisibility 5
  • Sky Chaser: Jump Boost 80
  • P.R.O.C Dwarven Ale: Strength 10, Mining Fatigue 10
  • Liquid Swammie: Speed 15, Night Vision 10
  • Bloody Stoner: Slowness 12 (0:20)

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