Price: Can you like put a price on nature, man?

Where to Get: Fishing


Swammies are a roleplaying item that, when consumed, grants a massive boost of speed, plays some music, and causes the screen to flash and make you dizzy. This was one of the first items in the game to have special properties to it. Swammies are "illegal" according to the lords and will become more relevent in the upcoming Paladins and Bandits update.

Normal Swammie - When eaten swammie music plays, it also tells you, "You have smoked 0.5 pounds of Dank Swammie!".

Big Swam - When eaten it has the normal effects but faster music with a lower tune, it also tells you, "You have smoked 1.2 pounds of Dank Swammie!".

Huge Swammer - When eaten it it has the normal effects but has the same music as Lord Justin's not Swammie soup. It also tells you, "You have smokes 2.6 pounds of Dank Swammie!".

Dankest Swampt - When eaten It it has the normal swammie effects but slower music, it also tells you, "You have smoked 42.0 pounds of Dank Swammie!".

The algae from the rivers of Dongdank produce so much Tenocylidank (TCD) that consuming these fish can really mess with the minds of peasants!
-Lord Willakers