Getting a Plot

If you choose to rent a plot, you will be required to pay a certain amount of gold each month to keep your plot. If you fail to keep up with your rent, you will lose your plot! Also keep in mind that you can only have one plot, so choose carefully!

Renting a Plot

To rent a plot, you will need to buy a Blank Plot Lease from a vendor. Then you can take it to a vacant plot and right-click. If the plot is available, it will let you know how much you need to pay for the initial rent (30 days), and what command to type to confirm. After that, you can use the /rent command to find out how much rent is paid, and how to pay additional rent. You can have up to 45 days of rent paid.

Sharing your Plot

If you desire, you can share your plot with your friends. Before doing this, please keep in mind that if you choose to share your plot, your friend will have the exact same access to the plot that you do, and you will not be able to remove them. Please only share your plot with people you trust. To share your plot, type /shareplot playername. That player will then need to accept. When accepting to share a plot, remember that you can only ever have access to one plot! If you choose to share a plot, you will not be able to have a plot of your own.

Building in your Plot

In order to build in your plot, you must get some building supplies! You can purchase supplies in the market nearest to your plot. Many of the areas of the city have enforced themes, so you will only be able to use certain blocks in your building. You can also buy books from the market that let you set greeting and farewell messages for your plot.

Plot Etiquette

You are allowed to build whatever you want in your plot, within reason. However, remember that this is a role-play server intended for fun and enjoyment for all! If a Lord happens by your plot and doesn't like what he sees, he may leave you a warning. If you do not comply, your plot will probably be demolished. Your plot may also be demolished if we receive too many complaints from your neighbors.

Additionally, since this is a role-play server, it could be possible for your plot to be damaged, modified, or exploded during special events on the server. Should this happen to you, you will most likely receive some form of recompense for your loss, but your plot will not be restored. If this is not something you are comfortable with, you may not wish to have a plot on this server.

Abandoning your Plot

If you wish, you can abandon your plot. This cannot be undone, so make sure it is really what you want to do. There will be no refunds after abandoning your plot, nor will we restore anything from your plot. To abandon your plot, just type /abandonplot. A big scary warning will show up in your chat window. Please read the whole warning and make sure you really want to go through with abandoning your plot before choosing to continue.

Greeting/Farewell Color Codes

You can use the following WorldGuard color codes in your greeting and farewell messages.

Color code Color on white Color on black
&r red red
&R dark red dark red
&y yellow yellow
&Y dark yellow (gold) dark yellow (gold)
&g green green
&G dark green dark green
&c cyan/aqua cyan/aqua
&C dark cyan/aqua dark cyan/aqua
&b blue blue
&B dark blue dark blue
&p purple/pink purple/pink
&P dark purple dark purple
&0 black black
&1 dark grey dark grey
&2 light grey light grey
&w white white

Zone Block Information

The Plots of Lord's of Minecraft are not freebuilding. Each part of the city is allowed a set of blocks. This creates different zones of different flavours and colors that all have a pattern to them and give the different parts of the city a theme. All blocks can be purchased at the Market which can be found via the Portal Hub on the server.


Height: about 18 high and 8 deep

Cloud Kingdom

Height: about 35 high and 6 deep

Dwarven District

Height: about 10 high and 20 deep

Magic Quarter

Height: about 30 high and 8 deep

Main Street

Height: about 12 high and 6 deep

Nature's Grove/Groove

Height: about 12 high and 12 deep


Height: about 18 high and 8 deep

Pauper District and Slum Tower

Height: about 18 high and 8 deep

Sand Dunes

Height: about 12 high and 8 deep

South Shire

Height: about 20 high and 8 deep

The Barrens

Height: about 18 high and 6 deep

The Great Oak

Height: about 10 high

The Slums

Height: about 40 high and 8 deep

The Vineyard

Height: about 20 high and 8 deep

Wizard Tower

Height: about 10 high


Height: about 20 high and 8 deep

Special Magic (Mall, Castle, etc)

Have access to all the pallets (excluding Wizard Tower, Slums, and Westshire)